I was born to parents with transferable job and hence not staying in a single place was a lifestyle. As I grew up I came to know these kind of people are called nomads. And nomads travel.

For me this lifestyle was mesmerizing and I wanted to be a nomad for whole of my life. From a very tender age I was exposed to different geography, culture, places and people. This helped me to understand that at core we all are same and the differences are just superficial. Travel also allowed me to spend a lot of time with myself and introspect. So more I traveled, more I understood myself and the world around me and how we all co-relate.

Photography came as a natural extension to document my experiences and view of this world. Why not writing? You can call me lazy, instead of writing thousand words a single image can do the same job. With photography I was able to capture moments which might be lost or changed in few years. Photography also provided me with a visual medium to inspire people to travel and understand the world as I did. The more people travel, they start understanding that we all are same and move towards more peaceful world and towards co-existence with our fellow species.

As a travel photographer, your studio starts right outside your door and only equipment needed is a camera and willingness to pursue new perspectives. Lighting comes from all natural and unnatural sources like sun, moon, bulb, neons etc. You should not be restricted by subject or location, but record what you see with honesty and compassion. More than exotic locales and adventures, travel photography is about seeing everything with childlike curiosity.

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